Oleg Kharch (Kharchenko).

He lives and works in Sumy and Kyiv. Born 1963 in Sumy is a Ukraine republic of the former ex -USSR. 1980- 85 studied att he Faculty of Building Technology in Dnipro(ex- Dnepropetrovsk)  Construction Engineering Institute. 1981- 83 studied in art studio of Stanislav Cherevko/ Dnipro  (Dnepropetrovsk)/ USSR. 1985- 87 junior sergeant, squad leader of armored vehicles Repair in the Soviet Army.

Ukrainian contemporary artist.Works in the figurative direction of contemporary art. New naive or as quasi-naive artistic critics have pointed out, such is his dominant artistic statement. Mixed with post-conceptualism in various techniques from the author. His work is plunged into collages of paper, traditional painting, street projects. And also digital - art, video works, internet media. He addressed a hand- made book by the artist. His art was part of Mashrou’ Proletkult  (2016), September 17th internationals conference of artists, architects and artists, where speakers will publicize their idea sand share their thoughts on various aspects of modern social life. Oleg represented Ukraine with a project called: -“Chronicles of the unpublished war. Or [Cotton Accounting], which is the book artist visualized as an independent art object. “My participation in the exhibition is to support the initiative of the artists them selves.Presentation of Ukraine demonstrates the fact that we are also interested in this idea.The work that will be presented in Lebanon, a reflection on war and the tumultuo use vent so frecent years“, –says Oleg Kharchenko. Oleg Kharch is an author who consistently conflicts with conformism and various forms of attraction in contemporary art.

Latest selective participation from 2012:


2018: -Hlebzawod Art Prize 2018| Contemporary art center “Hlebzawod”/Kyiv,Ukraine;

Participate in “Creative Climate Awards 2018” (“CCAs2018”), of the Human Impacts Institute’s (HII) at the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office (TECO) in New York, USA;

2017: -Participate in Art- Projekt– Auto / Macht / Mobilität. /„KUNSTPREIS WORPSWEDE 2017“, Einbeck, Germany;

- “GOGOLFEST2017”/Visual Art Programm/ Kyiv,Ukraine;

- "Turbulence Area"/ 5th Odessa Biennial / Gallery "HUDPROMO"/ Odessa,Ukraine;

2016: - "EventHorizon"/ Project of Contemporary Art/ Art Arsenal/ Kyiv,Ukraine;

- “Parallelisms in Uzbek and Ukrainian languages”/ Semi –project V.Akhunov& O.Kharch/  The Exhibition Contemporary Art,Tashkent/ Uzbekistan;

- “Mashrou' Proletkult”/ AUB Art Galleries/ Beirut,Libanon;

- “Freierfest”/ Odessa,Ukraine;

2015: -“Manifesto”/ 4th Biennale Contemporary/ MCAO/Odessa,Ukraine;

2014: - “VIII Art Kyiv Contemporary”/Art Arsenal /Kyiv,Ukraine;

- “The Snails Attack”/ MyGallery / Kyiv,Ukraine;(solo)

- “Ukrainian Pictorial Exhibition” / The Museum of Arts of Cherkasy region/ Cherkasy/ Ukraine;

2013|14: - International semi art street project "Fame not fallen heroes"&"Fame Maydan Heroes", V. Akhunov (Uzbekistan) & O. Kharch (Ukraine)/ Grushevsky str. Second Barricade/ Maydan Nezalezhnosty/ Hreshchatyk str. by KSGA, Kyiv, Ukraine;

2013: -“Earnings (These are they-)”/ Mala Gallery of Art Arsenal Kyiv/ Ukraine; (solo)

2012: -“Constant Research with Breaks in GooGLE”/ 21 Gallery/ Sumy/ Ukraine; (solo)




2015: -Ukraine: “Short Stories about Contemporary Artists from Ukraine”, Luciano Benetton, Italy.


+8 (063) 02 83 501 


Ukraine / Kyiv/ Kyrylivska 65 b


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