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Nickita Tsoy was born in 1991in Kyiv city in Ukraine.
He finished two art schools and National Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture.
Nickita Tsoy mixing visual influence and concept side for creating a researching point of human fundamental processes. The human body cover in flesh a sacred symbols, testing itself for durability and fluctuates between states of filling and getting rid of ideas.



Born in 1991 in Kiev.

1997-2006 Studied at KDAM,

2006 - 2010 - Graduated  T.G. Shevchenko art-school

2010 – NAOMA National academy of fine art and architecture

2012 -2016 Workshop monumental paintings and temple culture, led by Professor Storozhenko M.A.

2018 - “HAMPERDU” White World gallery Kiev, Ukraine

2018 - “Help me Cheesus” Kiev Museum of History Museum

2018 - “Idols” Triptych: Global Arts Workshop Kyiv, Ukraine

2018 - Parade portrait of the White World gallery Kyiv, Ukraine

2018 – “Anatomy simulacrum” ("The Museum of Problems of the Distinguished Mystery")

2018 - Kyiv art week

2018 - “Help me Cheesus” Kiev History Museum
2017 - Tsoy vs Tsoy gallery “White World”

2017 - The 1 prize in the «Art-battle».

Best artist of Ukraine according to the «art-battle» version «White world” gallery.

2017 -   Art-Symposium Antroposphere gallery “White World”

2017 - Personal exhibition ” #ZZZ#BOO#BAG#DOLL” in “Arteria” gallery

Museum of Contemporary Art of Odessa

2016 - presentation of the project "Contemporary Art in the living environment" in the new exhibition space of the magazine Salon Art & Design.
2016 - Ukrainian First Battle “Art- batlle.”

The winner in the category - “A godsend year  gallery “White World”

2016 - Art-Symposium "Karpathy.Terra Libera".

2016 - The "PUNAB-Kaleidoscope", Odessa, gallery "Yellow giants." organizer White World

2016 - Participation in the first annual International Festival of Contemporary Art Freier Fest.

2016 - Participation in 2016 "10 auction of new art," the auction house BOHEMA Nowa Sztuka

2016 - Participation in "9 auction new art" in the auction house BOHEMA Nowa Sztuka

2016 - Participation in the "auction yerotychnoho Art" at the auction house BOHEMA Nowa Sztuka

2016 - Personal exhibition "Apperception" in Bunkermuz gallery.

2015 - Participation in "8 auction new art" in the auction house BOHEMA Nowa Sztuka

2015 - "Abstraction NUAU"

2014. - Personal exhibition in private art-room"Udyvy Dali."

2012 r.- Art Community "Rosary". The exhibition is a branch of the National Museum of Russian Art "Chocolate House"

2012 - Christmas exhibition r.- NUAU

2012 - Ukrainian art exhibition to date of the artist. NUAU

2012 - ART Gallery vizhen, participation in the project "artosfera" equestrian club, "Tycoon"

2012 .- "Ukraine and Sports" NUAU

2011-2012. Participation in the open air under the patronage fund "Demetra".Kerch Ukraine.

2007 - exhibition "Chernobyl" Paris. France.

KDAM competition. 1st prize (painting)

Exhibition of artists - members of Kyiv Association of Koreans. m. Kyiv. Gallery "Art hut"

2002 -  Participation in creation of a calendar “ The Ukranian river fleet”
2002 -  Participation in competition of arts in Tokio, Japan
2002 -  Participation in competition which was carried out (spent) by Childrens academy of arts, has received the 1st prize of painting.     
2002 - Exhibitions of artist of members of the Kiev association Korea/ gallery “M curen”

2002 -  Participation in competition of figure of “The fairy Tale of nations of the world”
the organizer the Kiev association Korea.
2001-2002  Participation in competition “Silver bell” Uzhgorod has won the third premium for painting.
2001 - Participation in competition “Children, Art, Creativity”
national library of Ukraine, Kiev

1999 - Report creative artists, art collectives capital "Kyiv-old eternal" PK Ukraine.

The exhibition contest in Mexico (Member)

1998 – Ukraine competition The World of imagination”  Kiev

1998 –  Participation in competition of name of Primachenko


+8 (063) 02 83 501 


Ukraine / Kyiv/ Kyrylivska 65 b


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